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You are reading this and it is for a reason. You have a desire to achieve a goal that is important to you. It may be to get fitter and maintain it, to increase your personal confidence, to achieve financial freedom or to have more, to do more or to become more in your life. There are many opportunities offered that promote different methods to help you achieve the success you desire and choosing the one that will work for you can be daunting. What if you choose the wrong one and you spend wasted hours attempting to manifest the success you desire only to quit.

Life is a journey and like driving a car to a destination, how enjoyable the journey is depends on the quality of the vehicle and the engine that is powering it. Your body is your vehicle and ensuring that it is fit and healthy is a great start. However no matter how perfect your vehicle is it will only reach your chosen destination if the engine that powers it is operating at peak performance. Your engine is your mind and it is fueled by your thoughts and beliefs and just like your car if that fuel is contimated by incorrect beliefs and thinking no matter how hard you try you will quit before you succeed.

Each of us is a unique creation and our path to success is different to everyone else, however there is a common starting point to every journey in life and that is ensuring that your engine is finely tuned and using the correct fuel so that the journey will be completed successfully. The UNleash Your Dreams events are designed to ensure that you are perfectly equipped to undertake the exciting journey to manifesting your dreams.

You were born to create a life where you are prospered and empowered, a life that satisfies the inner desires of your heart, mind and spirit. All things are possible when you know how to use the Power Tools Of Life to overcome any challenges that are holding you back from unleashing your dreams.....Why be average when you were meant to be simply awesome!
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The journey to the success you desire is always empowered when it is in partnership with someone who wants you to succeed. We want you to achieve the success you desire and the starting point is having a better understanding of how we can best help you. We look forward to being part of your journey. Please complete the registration details as asked and also the short questionaire as this will allow us include the information in the seminar that will empower you to achieve the success you desire.

Full Name:
Date Of Birth:

Please complete the following questionaire. For each question there are 32 pairs of personality descriptions connected by a five point scale. For each pair, you must choose where on the scale between them you think you are. For example, if the pair is “angry” versus “calm”, you should circle a 1 if you are always angry and never calm, a 3 if you are half and half, etc.
I make lists so I know what needs to be done
I rely on my memory
I am sceptical about new information
I always want to believe
I am bored by time alone
I need time alone
I acceps things as they are
I am usually unsatisfied with the ways things are
I keep a clean room
I tend to put stuff where ever
I think being described as "robotic" is an insult
I strive to have a mechanical mind
I am energetic
I am mellow (laidback)
I prefer to take multiple choice tests
I prefer essay type answers
I think life is chaotic
I think life is organized
My feelings are easily hurt
I am thick-skinned
I work best in groups
I work best alone
I am focused on the present
I am focused on the future
I like to plan far ahead
I make my plans at the last minute
I wants people's respect
I wants their love
I get worn out by parties
I get fired up by parties
I fit into the crowd
I feel that I stand out
I keep my options open
I commit to the my chosen path
I want to be good at fixing things
I want to be good at fixing people
I talk more than listen
I listen more than talk
When describing an event, I will tell people what happened
When describing an event, I will tell people what it meant
I get work done right away
I procrastinate
I follow my heart
I follows my head
I prefer to stay at home
I prefer to go out on the town
I want the big picture
I want the details
I improvise
I prepare
I base morality on justice
I base morality on compassion
I find it difficult to yell very loudly
Yelling to others when they are far
I am theoretical
I am empirical
I prefer to work hard
I prefer to play hard
I am uncomfortable showing my emotions
I am comfortable expressing my emotions
I like to perform in front of other people
I avoid public speaking
I prefer to likes to know "who?", "what?" "when?"
I like to know "why?"
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